All games on this site are adult games and intended only for persons over the age of 18. So if you are under 18, do not subscribe to any of our plans.

What is Naughty Skunk Games?

Naughty Skunk Games right now is a one man project which is focussing on creating adult visual novel games and life simulations. The Way Love Goes is the first of hopefully many more games to come. The game consists of many chapters which are constantly created in the background and released one by one for our members to download and play. In the game you have to make decisions which change the course of the game to either a positive or a negative outcome.

With your membership subscription you'll support the further development of the game so more time can be put into it and to eventually hire a second creator to speed up things and create more games.

Depending on your chosen membership you'll get some perks and extras. See the details on the corresponding plan to find out more.